Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Apologies, oh most angry one

I may have been a bit hasty in my dismissal of God of War: Ascension for not being as compelling or engaging as the previous game have. My evening ritual is as follows: retrieve Coke and possible chips, sit on couch, play until unconscious. The Coke never makes it past the first thirty minutes. Last night I forgot about it and was left with two inches of flat disappointment when the evening was done. On the plus side that means Ascension had my full and complete attention for a solid three hours.

Almost everything I did last night was on or around the giant statue of Apollo, topped off by Archimedes' trial. Back in March Archimedes' Trial was nerfed, to use a fighting game term, and I am glad that it was before I got around to playing it, as I had a hard time with it last night. I can't image finishing it without the health and magic boost between rounds. It was still hard, just not controller throwing hard, which is somewhere near the right place.

The story is still not as interesting as any of the previous games and I miss cutting a swath through deities and demigods that I actually know. I did not know what the furies were before starting the game. Yes, powerful beings that are neither god nor titan have potential, but I would still like to have thrown does against Hades. At least, I don't think that ever happened. There have been quite a few games.

God of War needs to rest now. The series isn't dead but it is one that could benefit from the untapped power of new hardware. Just give it some time off to avoid series fatigue.

A total remake of the first two games could be pretty cool...

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