Friday, April 19, 2013

As(s) expected

Injustice is not Mortal Kombat, but it isn't Street Fighter, either. It a weird amalgam of the two with a dash of Darkstalkers thrown in for good measure. The way characters are animated and the juggle heavy combos are distinctly Nether Realms, and please note that I did not say the characters were animated poorly, they just move in a different way they do in Capcom games. There is no block button and crossups and meaty attacks are actually useful. You can even change the usual Mortal Kombat special moves to their Street Fighter counterparts in case you can't adapt. There was a lot of work put into to this to make sure it was not just MK9 with different skins. But is it any good?

Yes and no. The story mode is just as ridiculous and enjoyable as it was in MK9. I am not familiar with the books it is based on, so I have no idea how faithful it is being, nor do I care. In the opening section The Joker has tricked Superman into killing Lois and destroying Metropolis with a nuclear bomb. Superman does the unexpected: he looses his shit and kills Joker (off screen, boo-urns). It just gets sillier from there, but it is fun. I have been given a taste of most of the heroes and tried a few of the villains in practice mode and have run into my first problem: I cannot find a character that I like.

Started off with the Joker because he has a one button counter and had a hard time doing anything else with him, plus his counter is not usable online for reasons I will get to later. Moved on to Bane and he has some interesting practice room combos that are easily blocked by a human who is paying attention. I even tried Green Arrow: he has great combos but doesn't do any damage.

The real problem is not that the game doesn't have a good selection of varied characters, the real problem is of course me. I enjoy playing reactive characters. Blanka in SF works best when he is played conservatively with occasional shenanigans thrown in to keep the opponent guessing. Paul if SFxT is just waiting for you to jump at him so he can juggle you with a shredder into phoenix smasher. Hell, I even tried to play Tekken that way, just waiting for a whiff so I could land Bryan's big, slow combos. I just can't find anyone in Injustice that works that way.

I also am not going to try very hard to find one because the netcode is, as reported, booty.

Input delay kills me. I can't adapt to it, so even easy combos like Bane's bnb air throw chains become impossible. The games I played online last night all consisted of me trying to do something that worked offline while the other guy jumped around mashing the intractable button because all of those do more damage than any of the combos he could pull off. Bottom line is that it wasn't much fun. I will try again after I finish the story mode and put in more practice room time with Green Arrow, but odds are that my decision to not buy this was the right one.


Demo Friday will be one day late. I have been hypnotized by Spider-Man's rockin' booty.

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