Sunday, April 21, 2013

Demo Friday: Poor Timing

Castle Crashers / Dragon's Crown?
Yes, that is exactly what it is, but not a PS3 exclusive and less than one fifth the price.

Sacred Citadel is in some way or another a spin off the Sacred franchise. It has been so long since Sacred 2 that I do not remember any character or place name. For all I know it is a direct follow up, not that it matters. This is a brawler and the storytelling in brawlers peaked with 'are you a bad enough dude to save the president?'

It is unfair to compare how Citadel looks to the way Dragon's Crown is going to look as it has much more in common with The Behemoth's games than the dark magic Vanillaware spins onto discs. Characters are sparse on detail but are still recognizable and are animated very well. There was also no slow down no matter how much was going, something that Odin Sphere couldn't even manage. The game itself has been similarly simplified. Weapons and armor are dropped by boss monsters but there is no menu to go into to equip them. The character just walks over them and a comparison between what is already equipped and what is already on the ground is displayed.

Avoiding menus keeps the game moving along, which is good, I just wish there was more to do in the levels. Combos can be very repetitive: once I found an attack string that I liked there was no reason to use anything else against the small variety of enemies. Boss's required a much different strategy, as getting close to them equaled almost instant death. I had chosen the archer so I just ran away and chipped him to death with my bow. This would work for the mage as well but I do wonder how the fighter would have managed it alone.

If I keep in mind exactly what this is, a downloadable title, then I think it is pretty good. But it is the same kind of game as this:

And how can anything compare to that?

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