Monday, April 8, 2013

M Night who?

I seem to be backing down from BioShock Infinite. Something happens, I get all riled up and post silly things, then a day goes by and I feel bad for ripping on a game that doesn't deserve it. When I finished the game early Saturday evening I was not happy, yelling out loud at the screen:

Infinite is still too new for me to spoil, suffice it to say that I did not get it. I did not understand what had happened and it made me mad. Or, worse yet, I did understand what happened and it didn't make any sense. Consulting two higher powers, Wikipedia and Chance, whose review you should read, I have a handle on the who, what, why and whence but I still do not like how it came to a close.

Again, without spoiling anything, there is no way for the player to deduce how the game is going to end prior to the final cut scene. There is no foreshadowing and no aha moment. The 'would you kindly' bit from the first BioShock could not have been predicted but after the reveal came I could remember evidence from the previous hours of the game that gave it context. It made sense. BioShock Infinite forgoes deus ex machina for furta finientem ex machina. The trick ending comes out of nowhere and feels tacked on, like the twist was a requirement that was forgotten until crunch time.

'We need a tweest!' screams Levine. 'I forgot the tweest!'

I should be ashamed of posting that image, but I am not.


After that heartfelt post on Friday I forgot to actually post anything for Demo Friday. Battleblocks Theatre is awesome and deserves to be talked about at length. I am going to dump it into this weeks just so I can play the demo again.

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