Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sam Neill is never scary

It case my last post about Dead Space 3 was not clear, I like it a lot. It is an action game that manages its pacing very well. There are quiet puzzle solving sections and intense fight for your life sections and a boss fight against a moon sized pile of organic material with teeth and a bad attitude. Removed from its heritage it tells a story with a mysterious beginning and a reasonable ending, at least until the post-credits teaser that Isaac did not actually die (in other words, buy the DLC for the whole story). When taken as the capstone to an existing series it because a hard left turn. The same kind of unwanted turn as midichlorians or *gasp* Highlander 2.

'Highlander 2: The Quickening is the most hilariously incomprehensible movies I've seen in many a long day - a movie almost awesome in its badness.'
     - Roger Ebert 1/1/2000

...any excuse to quote one of Ebert's reviews of bad movies is a good one. God bless that man.

Dead Space 3 is not awesome in its badness but it does ruin the narrative created by the first two games. The markers in Dead Space were completely unexplained, but definitely evil. Just their shape was enough to make me uncomfortable, but they way it drove people crazy and then didn't let them die was terrifying. Were they alien or was this something straight out of Doom? No one knew and that made it better. The third game has rolled around and by the end we are told that they are part of an interstellar network of carnivorous moons, each made up of the resurrected biomass of the host planets inhabitants. Not a bad story for a one shot game but there is no mystery there, no fear, nothing to worry about when the story is done.

Dead Space was scary. Not shit your pants and hide in the closet scary like Fatal Frame 2 or oppressive like Silent Hill 2. Think Event Horizon, the game, minus Sam Neill. The scariest moment of Dead Space 3 was the boss fight again an out of control crane. It was a great fight, very creative and tense, but nothing that is going to stick in my head when I walk up the darkened stairs on the way to bed.


Early reports on Injustice's online play come down to it being 'booty.' The demo didn't really click with me, so I am not exactly upset, but I still want to play the story mode through and putz around in the training room. GameFly was kind enough to ship a copy on Monday so I should see it any day now, and I may even be persuaded to but the online pass to see just what kind of booty the online play is. At the very least I want to pick a character to know just well enough to play at UFGT.

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