Friday, May 31, 2013

Demo Friday: Angry vikings?

After a week's hiatus it's time to make uninformed, snap decisions about games.

Two weeks ago I did play the new XBLA games. UFGT kind of got in the way of writing about them on Friday and after that I really wasn't in the mood. Quick summary: Hunter's Trophy 2: America is stupid. I will grant that there is a market for hunting games. It follows that there be a slightly smaller market for hunting simulations that take things a bit more seriously. Hunter's Trophy 2 didn't let me past the training missions because I inadvertently shot an extra goose. One goose over the limit, no joy.

This is also why I am going to break my own rule and skip Hunter's Trophy 2: Australia. There may be more excitement because there are more animals in Australia that will kill you than anywhere else but I don't want to be chastised for killing one extra kangaroo. Those fuckers are like rats over there. Or deer where I live.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger was pretty damn good I am going to buy it when Dead Island: Riptide is done. Now that we are caught up, which one of you asked for a fleshed out Angry Birds set in the middle ages in which you need to juggle firing your bastilla and incoming troops and then using it to attack the opponents with spawning troops and then directly controlling your avatar in combat?

Come on, raise your hand...
Raise it nice and high so I can avoid any other games you ask for.

CastleStorm tries to mash together all the popular flash game memes into a cohesive experience. There is the obvious Angry Birds along with tower defense and just a little RTS for good measure. This translates to watching a lot of cool down timers simultaneously and sniping away with arrows to keep from getting bored. It's too much. When pressed with this much information I just shut down. It isn't fun anymore; it's like doing my taxes while balancing the checkbook and cleaning out the cat box at the same time.

Honestly, this combines several genres I already don't like into one mega-genre that I really don't like. It didn't get a fair shot which is, again, the point of the exercise. The demo gets five to ten minutes to either wow me or drive me away. Most fall in the middle and the demo is enough of the game for me. I stopped playing the Call of Juarez demo because it was enjoyable and I plan on buying it. On the other hand, I stopped playing the CastleStorm demo because it pushed all of the the wrong buttons for all at the same time.

It was reflexive.

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