Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fisticuffs update

I haven't talked about fighting games much lately. Where to begin.

Injustice was a bust. I liked the game itself but the online play was just not good enough as I hate being able to do something in the practice room and not having it work anywhere else. After several days of floundering I settled on Green Arrow as my guy. He can do a full combo after super for pretty good damage and it is easy. I mean I play charge characters almost exclusively and it was easy for me. Online? There's no hope. It's two different games, one you play with someone in person which is good and one you play online which is not good. Thank goodness GameFly shipped it early so I could make this decision at the cost of $0.

After what may have been months I played from AE on the PC a few days ago. Ranked was, to be polite, interesting. The gap in player skill between the PC and the 360 is astounding. People just stupid, unsafe things all the time. All I had to do was block and punish. After ranked I played a good hour of player matches against person who I could not figure out. It's not that I couldn't beat him, had I played nothing but Blanka or Honda I would never have lost, but his skill set made no sense. The only character he played was Evil Ryu and he had absolutely sick combos that he never dropped. Every time I got hit I it cost me at least 1/4 health, if not more. But he had a very difficult time getting that hit and his defense needed a lot of work. How does someone end up like that? He had better execution than I did and had obviously put more time in the practice room than I ever would but I could footsie him to death with Blanka and threw fireballs at unsafe distances all the time.

Practice room warrior? Probably. I would like to play him again but I do not know if he will come back.

My SFxT team has remained static since the patch: Blanka backed up by Paul. Blanka is not good in SFxT but with appropriate gems his shenanigans generate a great deal of meter, meter for Paul to burn on supers. There is no synergy beyond this but it works for me and I never run into anyone running the same thing.

Until last night.

Same exact team: Blanka backed up by Paul. And this guy kicked my ass. Hop nonsense all day and Paul hit confirms that I did not know existed. It was demoralizing and hilarious at the same time.

UFGT is in about two weeks. I need to get my shit together so I don't go 0-2 in two games.

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