Friday, May 3, 2013

Not Demo Friday, because I bought it already

No Demo Friday this week. Only one game came out (on XBLA, anyway) and I bought it sight unseen. If my computer was better than terrible I would have also purchased Zeno Clash 2 but that will have to wait for its more friendly console release, and I cannot wait.

It's the new Daft Punk album!
I am not quite ready to throw myself into the lap of Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon and roll around like everyone else who puts out words on the internet. Hear me out: I have absolutely no problem with a stand alone re-skin of an excellent game. Far Cry 3 was a great open world shooter that I could have played more of so more of the same is welcome. Only, this isn't more of the same. This is Far Cry 3: Expendables edition.

Stop walking away!

I liked Expendables. It was great, stupid fun, and now I have a game with the same tongue in cheek delivery. It loves what it references and lampoons it mercilessly at the same time. It's still Far Cry (sort of, more on that later) but with day glow explosions and drab sky boxes and gratuitous swearing. What's not to love?

For starters, the overall palette when combined with bright explosions is very disorienting. This may very well have been intentional, but god damn did it give me a headache. Peering through the haze, searching for alarm boxes to disarm was more difficult than it was in Far Cry 3. This results in reinforcements arriving quickly and in significant amount. Again, this fits with the 80's, balls to the wall idiom but it is not how I want to play. It feels like I am playing the game poorly even when I am doing exactly what I am supposed to do.

The weapons lack any sort of audio punch and the bow is still a waste of time. Yes, the mini-gun is great but what I really want is a rocket launcher or mortar or something that does real damage to deal the blood dragons themselves is a more fitting manner than 'running the hell away.'  Looting corpses plays the same heart ripping animation over and over, getting old very quickly. The crafting mini-game is gone, meaning there is no reason to wander the post-apocalyptic wilderness looking for that green tiger to finish off your swanky new ammo handbag.

It is missing a great deal of what made Far Cry 3 the game it was. Love letter to 80's era entertainment or not, this kind of hollowness cannot be looked past. I understand the excitement but it just doesn't work for me. Remove the nostalgia and it is just a shooter that makes me want to get a hold of Far Cry 3 and play the read downloadable content.

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