Sunday, May 12, 2013

On talking shit

I cannot believe how much people like to talk shit and how much I let it get to me. For example, I currently have a guy talking major shit in a game of Alpha Jax. He is going to fuck my girl friend because he is beating me at scrabble. Either he is a Call of Duty bro who has gotten a hold of a scrabble dictionary or he is a hard core nerd who doesn't know how to deal with success and is trying to copy what has been done to him in the past. I am not going to lie, he is crushing me, but I have a plan.

Alpha Jaz allows you to win via 'walk over' if your opponent fails to make a move within seven days. I am going to make the worst possible move the day before that over and over. Two points every six days until the tiles run out.

It could take weeks.

Example two, also from tonight. I am trying to get ready for UFGT. No delusions of grandeur for me, I just want to not go 0-2 in two different game. Since I was already sitting at my computer I decided to play a little AE. Right out of the gate I run into a Guy ranked in the top 100. It was a good match and thanks to some serious Blanka bullshit I squeak out a win. He find me again, whips out his #2 ranked Blanka and fights the mirror.

I hate the Blanka mirror. He takes the first round and at the end of the second he has the life lead but we are both within one hit of dying. I am hiding on the opposite end of the screen waiting for him to do something dumb and he disconnects without warning.

Odd, I thought, all signs pointed to him winning. I sent him a message stating that I wanted to finish the match. Here is the reply:

I am lagging people with my magic lag button that only effects the other person. Maybe if you were watching the match instead of your bandwidth you would have fucking played better.


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