Monday, May 6, 2013

The Madness

At first, this would appear to be excellent news:

But then, PC and WiiU only.



Why would you do that? Why would anyone take a mature rated games and handcuff it by only releasing it on the WiiU? Remember Mad World? Yeah, no one else does, either, because no one bought the fucking thing. Most Wii users were simply not interested in playing a game not starring a mustachioed Italian plumber. What chance does a sequel to Eternal Darkness have on a system that the big third party publishers are already abandoning?

Ubisoft gave them the finger and EA has told them to fuck off. Crytek said that they could have gotten Crysis 3 running but didn't want to play anyone to do it because they would not have made their money back. This steaming pile of regurgitated first party titles is where the sequel to Eternal Darkness is going.

No. Just no. The game needs to be played but I refuse to buy a WiiU to do it. I would sooner spend three times as much building a new PC. At least that I would get more use out of.

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