Monday, May 27, 2013

UFGT match by match recap

This is probably not going to be interesting to any other than myself, but I don't feel like going back to do the Demo Friday that I missed and I have not played enough of Dead Island Riptide to have any thoughts about it. I am going to do a game by game account of what I played at UFGT, giving myself a grade after each one.

SFxT Match 1: Chamberlain vs some guy running a Ryu and someone else team that doesn't actually play SFxT

I tried to get as many casual matches in on SFxT before my pool as I could because I had never actually played the game sitting next to another person before. What I quickly found, and this was also true for AE, was that a good chunk of my nonsense just doesn't work when I am not playing online. Suddenly people were blocking cross ups, teching throws and properly punishing whiffed attacks. It was a bit of a shock but I thought I had things under control.

Match one was against someone who professed to not playing SFxT very much. I was not very nervous which was probably a mistake. He took me out on game one thanks to sloppy play on my part and won the first round of the second match on some pretty good Ryu play. On the verge of defeat in the first game of my first major I remembered what he said: 'I don't really play this game.' He was playing Street Fighter. I play Street Fighter, too. I change how I did things, turtled up with Blanka, and brought it all the way back for the win. There was a lucky Paul combo here and there, but it was a come back, and I won.

Grade: B-. I should never have fallen that far behind, but I least I won.

SFxT Match 2: Chamberlain vs CJ Truth's Law/Sagat team of choreographed destruction

I guess the guy running the pool liked my comeback.

'Chamberlain, CJ Truth, on the stream.'

Oh shit. I know CJ Truth. That bastard is pretty damn good and less than half my age to boot. We made small talk on the way up to the stage. He could tell that I had never played on the stream before before I confessed it, so I knew he already knew the match was sewn up. The best I could do was make small talk with him and his Mom before walking up the the gallows.

He crushed me. It was embarrassing. I never got any offense going and couldn't block any of his shit. At the end of the second game he busted out some totally broken Law corner tech that I had never seen: Law jumps over you with a cross up attack, which I blocked, but then lands in front so you have to change the way you block. I think I took my hands off of the controller at that point.

When the abuse was over I asked him what the hell happened. He explained it right down to what I should have done to not get hit by it. Pretty classy kid, if I must say.

Grade: F. I have not gone back to watch the recording of this one. And I never will.

SFxT Match 3: Chamberlain vs... it didn't really matter

I was broken at this point and don't remember what characters the next guy picked. There was a flicker of hope in the second game but then I made a bad tag and lost.

Grade: F. Couldn't shake off the previous streamed loss.


A few hours later I saddled up to the AE casuals area to get the SFxT out of my hands. My first opponent was a very good Zangief. Usually I am not afraid of the Zangief match, but again, all of my experience is online. It is still a good match for Blanka in person but I played it wrong for the first ten games and lost them all. Finally the guy playing Zangief clued me in:

'Dude, be more patient.'

Translation: play lame.

And lame it out I did. Worked like a charm, I won a few, and then he switched to Balrog and kicked my ass as the price for the lesson. At that point it didn't matter, the decision had been made: minimal shenanigans, play it lame.

The following morning the room opened much later than I hoped and I only for in two game before the pool started. Both were against an Evil Ryu. Match one was close. Match two I played so down back that he didn't know what to do. He came to me for his beating and I was glad to dispense it. After the pool started he was talking to a friend.

'Who was that Blanka you were fucking up against?'

Guy points to me.

'Dude, fucking body him. No offense.'

I took it as a compliment.

AE Match 1: Chamberlain vs Evil Ryu player's friend. At about 00:26:00 here if you care to see it.

As soon as the exchange was over I was told that my first match would be on the stream against the guy who just told his friend to shape up and beat me. He was excited. Oddly enough, so was I. I had a plan, a plan that would work against just about any character. When it ended up being Cammy I was worried because it is another bad match for Blanka. Still, I stuck to plan.

Yes, I lost four rounds straight, but I don't think I looked bad. It was not embarrassing, I was just over matched. At one point one of the announcers says that I am afraid of Cammy. No, I was not afraid, I just wanted him to come to me. It didn't quite work out but it was an exciting final round.

Grade: B. Stuck to the plan.

AE Match 2: Chamberlain vs the worst Juri player ever

The walk back to the pool area was not the same walk of shame after getting killed my CJ Truth. I was ready for the next match, ready for another good fight. By luck I was handed a cupcake of a Juri player. Every time I knocked him down he mashed ultra out. I could see him wailing away at his pad, praying for it to connect. The randomness of it kept things close until I started walking up and just blocking every time I knocked him down.

He never learned and ate three ultra punished before the matches were done.

Grade: A. This wasn't even close.

AE Match 3: Chamberlain vs the Evil Ryu player from before, only this time he plays his main

After sending the Juri player home I had time to watch some other matches in the pool. The Evil Ryu player was still in, only now he was playing Ryu and looking much better. He lost a tough match to a Dhalsim that I was glad that I didn't have to fight, which sent him to losers, where he ran into me.

I was smart enough to not expect the same results. Evil Ryu is a glass cannon. If you can keep his offense from getting started the round will be over just on defensive counter pokes, which is exactly how I got him in casuals. Ryu, though...

He learned from our first match and changed his approach. I am not exactly sure what he did, but he did something that I failed to adjust to, and I lost. It was not quick or ugly, but there is something that I missed and I still do not know what it was. I think he fixed his spacing so I couldn't anti-air things as easily, but even that is a guess.

Grade: C. The fact that I am not sure what he changed really bothers me.


So that's it. 1-2 in two games. I am satisfied with that.

For now.


  1. Watched the stream of your fight against Kitty Cammy.

    Dude, you are at a whole other level than I think I will ever be. I've got SSF4 and KoFXIII free off PS+ - I really should check 'em out.

  2. SSF4 is more than serviceable for online play and is, in spite of its age, still my favorite fighting game.

    KoF is a great game but only sitting next to the person you are playing. It's netcode is terrible.

    Both are worth checking out, but SSF4 will be much easier to get into. It is just an easier game to play on a fundamental level.