Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yup, still dead

Changes at work, more responsibility and a completely unsuccessful disaster recovery test equals little posting. No one come here to read IT stories, so I will keep it short.

Chamberlain decides to test merging snapshots on a test virtual server.
Merging snapshots fills the entire SAN bringing all the other servers to a grinding halt. This includes Exchange and our main application server.
Chaos ensues.

In the end I lost the test server. The VHD is there but there is no operating system. And I had no backup because it was the test server.


Dead Island always was a bit schizophrenic. I played through the first game waiting for guns to be available and when they finally were there was never enough ammo and they did less damage than a flaming shovel or electrified machete. I have made the same mistake with Riptide, having chosen the survivor who specializes in guns, but what makes it worse is how the game teases you with good weapons and then takes them all away at the end of the intro sequence. Now I there are good guns out there, somewhere, I just need to survive the melee until then.

Contrary to popular opinion, I am not a fan of the melee in Dead Island. I find it almost impossible to judge how close I need to be to a zombie for the weapon to hit. This makes fighting the thugs, who can kill in you in about three hits, far more difficult than it should be. If I had a gun, no problem, head shots all day. As it is I either waste my rage attack on them or burn them to death with the flare gun. Or run away. Running away is always an option.

My other big complaint is how the game handles post death spawning. Either it is right where you died, an area that includes all of the zombies who just killed you and who are then going to kill you again, or it is across the map and you have to walk all the way back to the zombies who apparently also have good memories because they are more than willing to kill you again. This causes the game to swing back and forth from 'hey, this is going pretty well,' to 'OH MY GOD THIS IS BULL SHIT' more often than is healthy.

I do like the more serious take on the zombie apocalypse. This is not Dead Rising, the zombies are not there as an annoyance. Taking on more than a few at a time is hard, and they are everywhere. They also respawn in cleaned out areas very quickly, but if they didn't the player would quickly run out of things to do. This is more of the first game, warts and all.

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