Thursday, June 13, 2013

Bait and switch

My first reaction to 'Free Tekken!' was that I already have Tekken and don't play it. Tekken Tag 2 is an excellent game that would improve my play in everything else and I don't play it. It seems that everyone else who plays online has been playing forever, and they aren't shy about telling you all about it. And all about your mom, either. Free is free, and it is good to turn on my PS3 occasionally, just to make sure it still works.

Tekken Revolution may be free to download but it is not free to play for very long. Ranked matches require coins or tickets to play. Tickets can be obtained by winning ranked matches. So far, so good. Coins can be conveniently purchased from the PSN store for a quarter apiece. Tekken Revolution brings back the one thing that no one misses about the arcade: getting your ass kicked and having payed some bastard to do it.

Put a quarter in your ass cause you played yourself.

This system guarantees that people who aren't very good (*cough*me*cough*) don't play for very long. The game also prevents anyone from improving because there is no practice mode or move list and many of the characters are locked out. My team in TTT2 was Bryan and Nina. Nina was fraudulent but Bryan actually had a combo or two. No luck on either of those so I picked Paul, phoenix smasher/death fist, and all that. I never played Paul in TTT2. I hadn't really touched him since Tekken 3 so I have no idea what any of his moves are anymore. My free five coins were quickly lost and it was time to quit.

It appears that some concessions were made to try to make Tekken Revolution more approachable. There are new moves that work like Street Fighter reversals, invulnerability and all, and they make it a little easy to escape pressure. Without a practice mode I could not experiment with anything, so who knows. The only people who I can see having fun with this are people who have already honed their skills on Tekken Tag 2, but if they own that there is literally no reason to play Revolution.

Nice try Namco, now get back to work on Tekken vs Street Fighter.


  1. So does this mean I don't have to let you kick my ass at Tekken? I downloaded it, but haven't booted it up yet (busyblogger).

  2. I am not sure if player matches work the same way as ranked, but it looks like you are off the hook until fighting games start coming out for the PS4.

  3. Ultraaaaoh wait.

    Well, no doubt there'll be a Super Street Fighter IV Ultimate Turbo Extra Plus Plus Edition.