Friday, June 28, 2013


No Demo Friday because I haven't played anything yet. I was in class all last night and will be in class all night tonight and somehow between now and tomorrow morning I need to buy boots.

The rider's safety course is an interesting collection of people. All ages, all experiences. They went around the room last night and asked each of us why we were there and what bike we wanted if we didn't already own one. I of course brought up the Spyder and the instructor got a bit huffy, said he could never ride one because they turn like a car, finally giving me a 'good luck with that' dismissal.

Fuck you, buddy.

I am not interested in the fraternal society of dudes and dudettes who shun the four wheeled cage in favor of the the wind in their hair and bugs in their teeth. This is not a social endeavour. The class itself is a means to an end: to get my license and potentially a discount on my insurance. It is a way to obtain almost all of the information I need before spending too much money on a vehicle I will only be able to use for six months out of the year. I am doing a foolish thing in the most responsible way I can.

So don't sully up my mid-life crisis with your superiority complex. You have my money, teach me what I need to know and then you can fuck right off.

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