Friday, June 7, 2013

Demo Friday: All zombied out

Proving that you can eventually have too much of a good thing...

State of Decay is different than all the other zombie games! Really!
I think that I have finally had enough of killing zombies. This is a bad thing because State of Decay deserves more time than I gave it and the terrible Walking Dead shooter is on its way to my mail box as we speak. Neither of these games are straight action, dabbling into actual survival and base building, but I am not sure if that is enough to keep me interested in killing the undead.

Also, I don't like base building games. It's just another name for tower defense.

Let's be more reasonable: State of Decay is tremendous idea for a game. The player starts out on a camping trip where he and his friend are jumped by 'cannibals.' They fight them off, run for the ranger station and the game quickly shifts from action (which wasn't very good, honestly) to exploration and supply gathering. I assume that the next part would be building fortifications and relationships with other survivors. This all sounds great and if I wasn't so tired of the zombie plot device I might have given it more than a passing glance.

Everywhere I look there are zombies in games and movies. First person zombie fisticuffs - Dead Island. Funny ha ha zombies - Dead Rising. Funny wtf zombies - Resident Evil. Zombies as a way to force impossible decisions - Walking Dead. Zombies as a way to add multiplayer legs - Call of Duty. Zombies in a post-apocalyptic world that pits players against other players in a giant douchebag contest- DayZ. Zombies in a movie that completely misses the point of its source material - World War Z. Zombies who get better via the magic of hot chicks - Warm Bodies.

I am sick to death of zombies. State of Decay is a great idea but it was a lot of work to play even for a short time. It certainly is not enough to relieve my zombie fatigue. For the record, the Walking Dead shooter probably won't be played for more than a night.

Notable exception - The Last of Us. I have no doubts that the game will be amazing and will gladly make an exception for cordyceps zombies. 


The non stop bad news regarding the Xbox One has soured me attitude on just about everything. Chance talked me off of the ledge once today already. I am far too old of a gamer, far too set it my ways, far too stubborn about playing things the way I want to play them to handle this without getting cranky. I want to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that Sony won't pull the same shit, that Microsoft will listen to the throbbing internet brain that now hates them.

For the first time I am afraid of E3.

To distract myself I am crossing an old line, jumping back to the PC, and am going to play Scrolls. Wish me luck.

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