Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gorgeous boredom

I didn't think it was possible for a game that looks as good as Grid 2 to be so yawn inducing. It easily equals if not surpasses all other racing games, including Forza, in that department. The problem is that sharing space with Forza Horizon, the racing game I have enjoyed the most in a long damn time, is an impossible task. Forza Horizon was the perfect mash up of open world exploration and arcade/sim racing. Grid 2 is just a racing game with a story shoe horned on top.

It took a few races to remember how to drive a car without a green line telling me where to drive and when to brake. If I haven't already made it clear, I love Forza, but it can makes things a bit easy. Grid 2 leans just a little bit towards the sim side by removing the line but the physics engine is no more 'realistic'. Once I remembered how to actually drive (and dropped the difficulty down to easy) I stopped spending all my time kissing the barriers but I was still getting bored much more quickly than expected. In Forza Horizon I never ran the same race twice and even getting from race to race was interesting. Grid 2 starts reusing courses almost immediately. Yes, they are gorgeous, but after the third race of the same track I just don't want to see it anymore.

Something else that I noticed, and honestly this could be completely imagined, was how erratically the AI cards behaved. Sometimes they would be so stuck to the racing line that they would driver directly into my car even if I had legitimately gained the position next to them instead of nosing them out of the way. Other times they would go out of the way to put me into a wall, something that I haven't seen since the last (good) Burnout. It was surprising and a bit frustrating but difficult to call foul on because it is the exact same thing I did to them every single race. In my way? *slam* Enjoy the median.

If I had anything else to play, I would. For the moment I do not so mediocre racing game it is.


THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I was going to but both anyway but this way the status quo will be maintained. The Xbone will be the primary console with the PS4 there for the superior exclusives.

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