Monday, June 3, 2013


Dead Island Riptide continues to amaze and disappoint almost simultaneously. I have still not gotten tired of the gritty take on the zombie apocalypse, the cookie cutter side quests or the B movie voice acting. On the plus side, I have a shotgun that that can one shot kill the toughest enemies if I get a close range head shot and it criticals. Firearms are actually good in this game and ammunition is pretty easy to find. Just walk far enough away from one of the hub areas and every respawns. On top of zombies the Dead Island world is populated by house elved, busily refilling all of the abandoned suitcases with random amounts of cash as soon as you turn your back.

Tee hee, that's not all I hid!
The way the game handles death is still infuriating. Last night I died and was dropped ten seconds later into an area that I had not yet explored and then killed again by zombies who were as surprised as I was by my sudden appearance. When no hub or building or transition is close the game just guesses at the best place for you and it almost never guesses right. I believe that this is a byproduct of the game's multiplayer side; it assumes that you will have help so it doesn't take into account enemy location. It's not even the lost money that hurts, it the frustration of spawning directly into a waiting zombies arms.

Dead Island Riptide is still fun and it proves that people are still not tired of killing zombies. I probably could have finished that game last night but I decided to go to bed instead, a weakness I wish I could get around.

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