Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I am of two minds

I hit up the closet Gamestop at 10:00 this morning and put some money down on a PS4. At 4th on their list I feel pretty good about getting one on the first day. Even better, I feel no trepidation about the purchase. Assuming that Sony was telling the truth last night I may never have to lol-Sony again. It was what I wanted, what the Xbox 360 started out as and slowly wandered away from - a machine on which to play games.

Speaking of Microsoft, I also have a pre-order for an Xbone directly from Microsoft's online store. For everything Microsoft has done wrong, and it is not a short list, buying an Xbone was very easy. There was even a way to do it directly from the 360 dashboard. Talk about perfect ad placement. Unlike the PS4, though, I am wracked with doubt on if it was a good idea or not. I bought a PS3 60 gig on day one for $600. It was not a sound choice as the system sat for long periods of time between exclusives. I am glad that I have it now but did I really need it then?

Will I really need an Xbone on day one? The final decisions will most likely be made in August when Microsoft finally addresses the DRM issue. Until then I will wait and worry.


Time to cherry pick one or two good things out of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct to temper the embarrassment of having played it through from beginning to end. One: the zombies look pretty good, in a gross, in your face way. Two: um...


Damnit, I had something.

Actually, that was it. It was a terrible game and the time I wasted on it should have been spent playing Scrolls or paying more attention to E3. Thank goodness there are much more dedicated people than myself who have done all of the hard work for me.


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