Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I feel little shame

One of the best things about the first Dead Island was actually what it wasn't. It wasn't Resident Evil. The game took place at the beginning of the catastrophe, the were not over wrought cut scenes every few hours and best of all there was not some giant corporation using the general populace as a gigantic petri dish. The zombie virus has existed for quite some time and had been managed by the indigenous peoples in gruesome and barbaric ways. No conspiracy, it just got out one day and no one else knew what to do with it.

Riptide breaks all of that by bringing in a nameless corporation using a few pacific islands as a giant petri dish. It might as well have been Umbrella. Why?! Why do this? Why copy a game that is long overdue for a reboot and whose last installment was met with a resounding 'meh' from critics and players alike? Just because I don't play a game for a story, and anyone who played Riptide for the gripping plot is looking in the wrong place, doesn't mean that I am willing to let overused bull shit go.

My guess is that the development of Riptide went improve the game engine, add a new character, create some new areas, and oh yeah and give the characters something to do there. What do we have laying around to copy? Resident Evil 2? Done! Ship it.


I cannot justify the fact that I am enjoying Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel. It is everything that is wrong about the medium, namely it both glorifies and marginalizes violence at the same time. Remember this?

Yeah, there is a lot of fist pounding after murdering people. Devil's Cartel has wandered further away from the first Army of Two in that it is even more accommodating to the single player than ever, which I cannot complain about, but to keep it from getting too easy more bad guys are thrown at the player. Piles of bad guys representing the most blatant Mexican stereotypes possible.

It is an embarrassing catharsis.


  1. That... was the plot of the first Dead Island. It turns out the infection began with some of the island's indigenous population, and the military/some suits began experimenting with it as a biological weapon, using Banoi as a testing ground.

    Sorry. I have to defend Dead Island. I mean, it's narrative is sucky as all get-out, but - yeah - weird that I felt the need to stick up for one of the worst parts of the game.

  2. Really? I don't remember it actually being explained. I either missed it or, more likely, forgot.

    Dementia. It happens to the best of us.