Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mistakes have been made

In spite of my trepidation about the upcoming generation I am getting quite bored of the current one. I know that I will need to keep both of the 'old' consoles for quite some time. My very nice arcade stick will most likely not work on either of new the systems and there are still quite a few exclusives that will not make the jump. I am looking at the PS3 and the steady drip JRPGs that just don't come out anywhere else. The rest of them, the ones that I know will be up-ported or cross-ported of whatever name you want to give to selling the same game twice with marginal improvement, I want to play them on new hardware, and it really doesn't matter which of the big two it ends up being.

PS4 looks more and more appealing by not throwing up all over itself with every announcement. It looks like a game console, which is what I want. Microsoft has a few intangibles, like my gamerscore, and many years worth of gaming momentum. It has been my primary console longer than any console in the past. There is no affection involved with this, it is just what I am used to.

The true test will be which of the online services I subscribe to. Paying for both Xbox Live and PS+ is dumb. Right now I pay for Xbox Live because that is where the majority of people I play fighting games with are. Well, that and fighting game themselves just run better on the Xbox. If the next run of cross platform releases performs better on the PS4, and rumours floating around the internet are saying they will, what is the incentive to stay?


Thanks to Chance for correcting my errors about the first Dead Rising. A quick look at Wikipedia proves him correct: the virus did come from the indigenous people but there was already a big, evil corporation working on it. This renders most of my complaints about Riptide moot. In my defense, Dead Island came out in 2011. I barely remember what I had for breakfast yesterday.

And there have been a lot of zombie games between then and now.

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