Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh god, everything hurts

As threatened, I climbed Cleopatra's Needle in Devil Lake yesterday. This is not an impressive feat, it is not a difficult climb, especially when I didn't lead it or clean it. Someone else did the initial climb and then belayed me from the top. This is not me:

On my second ascent three of us sat on the top for a picture that I may or may not post at a later date. Getting back down proved more difficult with three of us in such a small space. I heard a phrase that I never want to hear again: I am taking you off belay for a second. This was while I was hanging off the side, waiting to be lowered down. An unpleasant three seconds, to be sure.

Other routes for the day were Queen's Throne:

And King's Throne, my favorite of the three, and the only one that I straight up fell on:

Again, none of the pictures are me. I got them all from 

Climbing was good but the approach and escape from the area were terrible. It was far too wet and muddy to have taken the way down that we did. After nearly dying at least twice two of us roped up and lowered each other down and still managed to get banged around. Then we forgot how bad it was and spent a good six hours climbing. There was a different way out, a drier way, but the end of it was a ten foot climb with no protection. Bouldering to ten feet at the gym with a padded floor is no problem. Bouldering to ten feet when falling backwards means bouncing down rocks is a problem. That last ten feet was the hardest thing I did all day.

I survived but everything hurts. 

And I am still playing Grid 2. Last night the game arrived at the same point of frustration that almost all racing games do for me: the cars are just too fast for me to control. It will get one more shot tonight but I have other things to play now so even a little frustration will result in the game being dropped in the mail.

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