Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Your eh is not the same as my eh

Much to my own surprise I finished the career mode in Grid 2 last night and even went back to harvest a few easy achievement points. When I reminded myself that I was playing the game on very easy, which may be my go to setting for racing games from now I, and that all I had to do was stay on the goddamn track and I would probably win things went much more smoothly. There were still cars so fast that I spent more time on the breaks and in the wall than not but I muddled through.

I always find it amusing when there is something about a game that I hate that someone who is paid to espouse their opinion loves. This is not to say that my opinion is worth, if anything the contrary is true, it's just funny how people can have completely opposite opinions about the same thing. Grid 2 has a race type called 'live route' in which the track changes from lap to lap. Straightaways are replaced with tight corners, etc. This would not be bad if the game did not also remove the mini-map. These live route races are run completely blind. No mini-map and no way to tell how close trailing cars are.

This may have been done as a nod to realism but it changes a race into an exercise in trial and error. Real life drivers do not have a mini-map but they do spend hours if not days on the track ahead of time mapping out where to turn and when to break. In a game I am going to spend three laps there which is not near enough time to learn a track so a little help on how tight the next turn is going to be is is required. Removing that makes every turn a gamble and just is not fun.

What I found to be one of the game's biggest failings was lauded as Grid 2's saving grace in at least one review I read. In the end we both found it to be a mid-grade racer, just for different reasons. I am not going to say that Game Informer was wrong, but...


Look, me on a rock! I am not the woman nor am I the swole gentleman is shades, in case that needs clarification. I am the thin, pale thing in the back that looks like he escaped from the basement a scant few days ago.

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