Tuesday, July 9, 2013

As long as you don't dig too deep

Remember Me makes many promises that fall apart upon careful inspection. Sometimes it feels like I am being led through a beautiful movie set but no one has told me where the props end and the matte painting begins: eventually I run out of real things and smash into a painted wall. Fully customizable combos are full of intimidation and promise until the tutorial ends and the game only gives you enough attacks to fill one and a half combos. There are no options, there is the illusion of options and one best answer.

There is nothing wrong with a game specifically designed as one to be looked at, perhaps 'felt' more than played. Remember El Shaddai? Shame on you if you didn't play it, you have missed a truly bizarre experience. Remember Me is the same kind of game as El Shaddai, just more dystopian than biblical. This is Blade Runner without all the rain and with much better lighting. I am not sure I buy the whole memories as currency bit because how could the poor afford to have gotten addicted in the first place. Then I remember that the game is for looking at, not thinking about.

In case I am not being clear, I like Remember Me, but only on a superficial level. With EVO coming up this weekend who know how much I will actually get to play.

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