Friday, July 19, 2013

Can't even turn right. Or correctly.

I did it. I finished Ride to Hell last night. It is indeed one of the worst games of this generation. It's sins are uncountable, but the worst of the lot is that there is the germ of a good idea here. A sandbox game set in an exaggerated 70's biker world seems like a good idea. Think Sleeping Dogs with less martial arts and more mutton chops. I wonder if Ride to Hell started this way and everyone involved got in way over their heads. Instead of throwing out what was already finished they cobbled it together into something resembling a game and released it into the wild because why the hell not.

Just like Aliens: Colonial Marines. *rimshot*

There is one glaring error that I would like to highlight and it is one that up until a few weeks ago I would not have noticed. Motorcycles do not steer like cars (or my spyder, for that matter). A turn is started by looking where you want to go and then pushing forward on that side of the handlebar. To turn left you look left and push on the left grip, briefly turning the wheel to the right. This leans the bike into the corner. There is more to this, braking and clutch control also come into play, but in essence to you steer in the opposite direction you want to go. If you have ridden a bicycle you have done this, you just weren't conscious of it.

Side note: counter steering is not why is passed on a two wheeler for my three wheeled roadster. I got a spyder because operating the clutch and controlling a bike at low speeds were both clearly outside of my ability. And it looks damn cool.

Jake spends quite a bit of time on his bike. It controls terribly, which is not a surprise, but they also animated it wrong. Jake steers the bike like a car, staring straight ahead and turning in the direction he wants to go. Of all the things Ride to Hell got wrong, and there were many, this one irked me the most. It is a game about bikers and they couldn't even get how a motorcycle works right.

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