Friday, July 26, 2013

Easy way out

Joel: You are not my daughter. I am not your father. We are going our separate ways.

Ellie pouts. Joel kills lots of people, then gets over his fight with Ellie and they ride off into the sunset together, leaving Joel's brother behind.

The end of the world makes you emotionally unstable. Who knew?

The Last of Us is good enough of a game that I don't feel bad for picking nits. There is an ongoing theme of shit happens, then you move on. This makes sense, everything is about survival. Then Henry kills himself after having to kill his infected brother and blaming Joel.

'Everything is your fault!' he yells and Joel, then he shoots himself.


No, he should have either sucked it up and moved on like the redneck whose name I cannot remember from Walking Dead or he should have made good on his threat and forced Joel to shoot him out of self defence. This is what a very good game does: it always people to have intelligent conversations about plot and characters because there is nothing else to complain about.

There will be a spoiler filled discussion of the end next week. I have no doubt that I will finish the game and get to work on the next one: Dark, a game that is being reviewed about as well as Ride to Hell.

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