Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Dropped Dark down to easy which gave the 'hero' a little more health and, oddly, an XP bonus for non-stealth kills. This did not fix the broken stealth mechanic, boring levels and horrible checkpoints. I did manage to complete the first level but the second was, literally, more of the same. So...

Turned if off and played the Mars War Logs demo instead. War Logs is a $15 XBLA RPG that actually does 'low budget Mass Effect' correctly. In all fairness it was just okay. After Dark it was like being in God's very presence. I'm talking burning bush, take off your sandals, tell them I AM sent you, all that shit. I did not buy it, as I assume that it will wear off, but the next time I am bored this is one to come back to.

Dark was sealed into its envelope soon after. It was mailed off this morning, I am hope to never hear from it again.


Chance and I are having a rather high level discussion on our reactions to The Last of Us. We are in agreement that it is a game of incredible quality. However, what he sees as a feel good ending I see as incredibly depressing. More later if he does post it first.

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