Friday, July 5, 2013

The doldrums

Most people, and by that I mean people who don't play video games every day, consider the dead of winter to be the doldrums. It's grey, it's cold, you don't really want to do anything. In my part of the country this lasts from October to April but that is my fault for living next to the fourth largest freshwater lake in the world that makes everything near it colder. Anyway, my doldrums are not during the winter but the summer when nothing comes out and I scrape the bottom of the barrel for entertainment. This year is made much worse by my desire for new hardware and the current generations slow death march to 'not backward compatible' land.

I don't like it when the waiting to shipped section of my queue gets so small. It leads to gaps in which I have nothing new to play that should be filled with Street Fighter and, given my history, those should be kept few and far between. Fuse is being played right now because it is better than playing nothing, but not by much. Remember Me just shipped but judging from most reactions that will be at most a three day diversion. Looking at the coming soon list doesn't help; the only thing in the next several months that I am truly excited about is Diablo 3 and I really should put that off for the PS4 (or Xbone).

Thankfully there are other distractions. This came home with me on Tuesday:

It is as fun and easy to ride as it looks. My only concern started today: I took a ride out to lunch and it refused to downshift, leaving me stuck at a light in third hoping the car behind me didn't run me over. A quick google search reveals that it was a know issue with older models. I really hope that I just wasn't off the of the throttle all the way and the RPMs were too high. The last thing I want to do now is give up my brand new toy.

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