Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The way, way back

Mental exercise time: I am going to look through my achievements list from the beginning and try to remember a few things about each game. This will last until I get tired of it or I go home from work.

Kameo - lots of creatures on screen at the same time; crushes said enemies with a horse
Quake 4 - being cut to pieces in first person (stroggification!)
Condemned - scary black goo, first person bum fights
Perfect Dark Zero - bad up close textures, large unnavigable levels, didn't finish because it was so bad
Dead or Alive 4 - netcode not good enough for online play, it's DoA so mash counter
Hexic HD - don't remember much about this one, generic puzzle, came free with system but could not redownload it (still can't)
PGR 3 - the first racing game I have ever truly loved, used the same Koenigsegg car for most of thee game and actually raced using the cockpit view, introduced us all to Geometry Wars
Gun - Xbox up-port, otherwise generic open world western, I think the last guy was wore armor and chucked dynamite at you but that could be a different game
King Kong - never saw the movie, game played for an easy 1000 points
Full Auto - Burnout crossed with Road Rash? I remember destructible tracks and something about driving through a mall
Blazing Angels - another one I played because nothing else was out yet, boring WWII shooter played on arcade difficulty level
Far Cry Instincts Predator - not a remake of the first Far Cry, I think, just another story? More trigens, which was annoying
Tomb Raider: Legend - I have no idea which Tomb Raider this was, not a remake of the original, but I don't remember a single thing about it
Top Spin 2 - I remember hoping that this was going to be as fun as the Dreamcast tennis game whose name I cannot remember. It wasn't
Gauntlet - damnit, I have nothing to play, what's coming out on XBLA?
Zuma - ditto
Robotron: 2084 - god damn, I must have been bored


This is much less interesting than I thought it would be. Old games are old and most of them don't age very well.

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