Monday, July 15, 2013

Tired and happy

Ah, desire to watch fighting games sated.

This was a good Evo. They are all good, but this one, this had more memorable moments than the last one. It had old heels making face turns, the current big bad getting his comeuppance, and someone who everyone can love winning it all.

I don't pay Marvel. There was a cursory attempt made to learn vanilla that ended with me whimpering in a corner. I don't know much about Marvel, either, but I enjoy watching it because it brings out the best and worst in people in equal measure. For every grandstanding braggart there is a quiet guy who spends all his time in the lab and will swag out like a motherfucker when the time is right.

Then there is Justin Wong.

He doesn't really fit into either category but he very rarely, if ever, comes across as the same kind of douchebag as F Champ or Chris G. Years ago, when he won everything, he was not what one would call 'popular' but that has turned around as of late. People are ready for the return of the King of Chinatown. More than ready, they are hungry for it. Just as hungry as they are for someone to put an end to the reign of Chris G.

It was fitting that two met in the losers bracket last night. This was not the first time that Chris has been knocked into losers but no one had yet knocked him out of a major since (I believe) last Evo. Justin was up to the task. Picture this:

except instead of chanting Speed Racer the crowd was chanting Justin Wong. Not just in between matches, either, during rounds where Justin looked to be in trouble the chant would begin. The crowd had chosen their champion and he was going to succeed, either by their will or his own.

And he did.

Justin later lost in the grand finals after resetting the bracket. It didn't matter. He is new the new peoples' champ. No offense to Flocker, of course.


Street Fighter had a similar dominating player in Infiltration, only I don't think anybody hated him. They were afraid of him. And just like in Marvel Infiltration getting knocked into losers by PR Balrog opened things up for everyone else. The two met again top eight losers and Infiltration proved he was the better man at that moment by whipping out a pocket Hakan as a hard counter to Balrog. Not only is he one of the best Akumas in the world he had the presence of mind and confidence to play Hakan at Evo. It was brilliant.

I know I do not speak only for myself when I say that I am tired of Cammy and Akuma and their vortex based play. Yes, I know that it is not easy, but it is also not very interesting. Xian and he Gen are not newcomers. He has won at least one major and him making it to top eight was not a surprise. As the gods of Japanese Street Fighter fell around him he stood tall, smiled, and crushed Tokido. Murdered the murder face. I can't imagine anyone watching not being happy for him. Seth Killian sounded like he was crying when it was all said and done.

And I don't think I blame him.

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