Thursday, July 11, 2013

What you see is what you get

No time killing mental exercises today. Time to post something of substance about Remember me!

Let's see...

Nilin is one of the better designed strong female heroines this side of Wet, another game that almost no one played? She is imperfect, mentally broken, easily manipulated, but still tries to do the right thing based on very little information. At the second to last chapter I am still waiting for the twist in which she is betrayed by the guide she has never met. Perhaps there isn't one, perhaps the twist was the she is the daughter of the two main bad guys. Either way I have stopped paying attention to the plot, and the puzzles for that matter. I am here for the sights, sounds, and kicking people in the face.

Combo customization is one small step away from being excellent. It's one fault is that is it too confining. There are only four templates that have button presses already laid out. All the player can do is assign attacks to the buttons in the prescribed order. This creates a natural power curve to combos: as more moves are unlocked the combos get longer, but it does not allow for much customization. It's just fill in the blanks until numbers go up. If there was no template, if I could just build combos however I pleased, if I could pick apart the system and create a truly broken string of attacks, I would much happier.

Then again, that deep of a system would be a better fit for a longer game with more attacks to unlock. A longer game with a branching upgrade system would work, but that is not what Remember Me is. A game built to be seen cannot support that deep of a system. In other words, shallow but shiny combat befits the shallow but shiney game.


Damnit, now I want someone to make a sequel to Wet and there is no way that is going to happen.

You couldn't handle more of me, anyway.

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  1. Wet 2 was actually in development for a bit, but they canned it shortly after they started getting their stuff published through 505 Games.

    Pissed me off too. We get DLC for Naughty Bear - of all things - and nothing from their property that was actually promising. They're back to doing what they did before Wet & Naughty Bear, now - licensed crap.