Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where did all this boring stuff come from?

Having issues renewing with Blogger. I updated my credit card information months ago but apparently it was either for the wrong account or they just didn't notice. More to follow.


Buying Magic 2014 really was a mistake: I cannot maintain any interest in it. Perhaps I long for the old days of Magic before power creep when the best two casting cost creature was the black knight. Now there are one casting cost creatures that do even more. It just feels like bigger and badder for the sake of spectacle and it doesn't add much in terms of strategy. I keep thinking back to Scrolls, which is not a better game yet but it does at least feel new, and therefore I want to play that instead. Magic 2014 is not a bust, there is nothing wrong with it, I have finally grown tired of the (digital) paper crack.


Fuse is soulless. This is not something I would expect from an Insomniac game. It smells of publisher interference: what was once colorful is now grey, angry and very much like Call of Duty. The good guys are generic, the bad guys are generic, the environments are generic, even the weapons are generic. Therefore I will give it a very generic reaction:


It's not bad, it's not good, it just is, and I wish something else would ship so I could have something to look forward to.

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