Wednesday, August 21, 2013

All night dive

Just as I feared, I didn't play anything but Divekick last night. The shift keys on my keyboard will be lucky to make it to the end of the month. It is just as I remember it: infuriating, not fun, amazing, pure, fun and then infuriating again all in the space of one match. It is the entire current crop of fighting games reduced down to their most absurd set of moves, then spiced back up with characters that are both parodies of existing ones and actual people from the FGC. I can't look at Mr. N and not laugh.

That neck pillow. He's actually not a bad character, either, but I have chosen Kick and my go to guy for now. Simple stuff, no shenanigans. For the silly stuff you have to go to the stream monster, who is terrible, or The Baz, who is the least fun character to play against in the entire goddamn world. I have yet to win a match against him because I have no idea what the hell to do.

As far as who is actually good and not just good 'for now,' I lost many, many games to Jefailey. His chargeable drop kick makes him very difficult to approach from any angle. His head expands with every win, meaning that getting a head shot a few rounds in makes it really easy to finish him off, but getting that first head shot is the problem. I was frauded out three time in a row last night on a stream that I really hope no one was watching.

For $10 it was a steal and a game that I will come back to often. There are a few bugs that need ironing out. Lobbies being limited to two people is pretty lame and the game crashed on me mid-match twice, screwing me out of both a win and by upping my disconnect percentage. But the net code is quite good which is more than I can say for the PC version of KoF that is in beta right now.

What? They fixed that? Damn, now I need more money.

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