Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Approaching completion

I am almost embarrassed of that post title.

Time and Eternity has pulled out the standard RPG trope of main bad guy you have never heard of jumps out of a box for a few final fights. It doesn't really bother me here because the game is light hearted that there weren't any existing characters who would have fit the bill of the 'big bad.' What they came up with was the mobius loop that Toki/Towa and the hero were stuck in personified as a spunky, oddly dressed girl who wanted to steal their memories and use the power from that to lounge around on the beach and watch baseball all day.

Wait, that wasn't a girl?

Ok, so Mobius the guy in a thong goes back through the game to each of the chapters boss fights before attaining her final from and saying that he would take you on any time. At this point the game lets you walk away to do other things. No warning that the game is about to end, no plot cliff that you unknowingly stumble over, it just lets you walk away and take care of a whole bunch of side quests that have opened up. I actually prefer this to a new game plus or post game wander around section as everything you do still has a goal: to get powerful enough to fight the last guy.

I went through the last of the quests, got all new equipment and leveled up a few times and am relatively confident that I will be able to take out the boss on the first try, having only managed to die once in the whole game, and that was because I wasn't paying attention. Assuming it ends tonight Time and Eternity was a nice diversion of an RPG that makes me want to play something heavier, something with bombast, something like Tales of Xillia which I really hope ships soon.

At around thirty hours Time and Eternity was an appetizer. A sweet looking snack that I only ate when no one else was around.

A hostess cupcake?


The Bridget reference is actually a timely one, with a new Guilty Gear coming out sometime next year. Yet another fighting game that I will purchase, play for a week, and then desert,


  1. So the gameplay remained fun throughout?

  2. Actually yes. There were was enemy that pissed me off because it did no damage, had high defense and attacked fast enough that it was very had to get off a magic attack. It's not a great RPG but it was a good enough time.