Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back again

I have returned to the pleasant confines of my musty basement having learned that a preseason football game, even at Lambeau Field, is not worth attending. Yes, it is a cheap way to see some football live and in person but the football on display is of limited quality. The crowd grew so bored that they started a wave. This usually does not happen in Green Bay as the average attendee is so large that standing and sitting repeatedly is not high on their list of things to do when it is not to go to the bar or the bathroom.

All I have played in the last two days is the demo of Brothers, the first game in this year's summer of arcade. Expectations were high as Starbreeze has never really disappointed me so I forced myself past the initial frustration of controlling one brother with each analogue stick. Then I had to have them work as a team to get past a boy eating dog. And then I placed a sheep on a drawbridge, raised it, and laughed my ass off as it rolled down head of heals, bleating the whole way.

Sheep abuse may have sold me on the game. It will be played as soon as I am done with a game filled with panty shots and bestiality innuendos. What has my life become.

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