Sunday, August 18, 2013

Danger: boredom ahead

Weekends between games are dangerous times for me. Dragon's Crown is on the way, as is Tales of Xillia (more PS3 exclusives in a row than I have played, well, ever) but that left Friday night and last night open. What started as me trying to pre-order the new Amnesia game somehow ended with me buying Halo: Spartan Assault. It was cheap, it was Halo and it looked like a twin stick shooter. I was curious to see if the Halo 'experience' could be duplicated in a top down format. The answer is, surprisingly, almost.

What always stuck out most for me in Halo games was how enemies acted and reacted to what the player did. Grunts run away, elites yelled at you when you knocked their shield out, those damn needler wielding things snuck around and laughed as they filled you with explosive purple stuff. All of this is present, just in a smaller form and with slightly less variety. Not bad for a game that was intended for a tablet.

The weapons, on the other hand, did not turn out as well. In the proper Halo games almost all of the weapons are useful. Not so in Spartan Assault: the pistol's bullets moved so slowly that it was impossible to hit anything. The shogun's limited range made it useless and most of the covenant weapons just didn't work. I kept going back to the standard assault rifle. It was boring but it got the job done.

For six bucks it was not a bad little Halo game. I probably would have been more impressed if I played it on a Surface instead of my crotchety old PC.


Last night, still without a game to play, I watched Oblivion. I think my tastes in movies must be broken because I liked it and no one else did. Just like everyone else I figured out that the aliens were manipulating the main character and that the scavengers were actually people. The trailer gave all that away. When Tom Cruise ventured out into the irradiated zones and found another one of himself doing the same thing I was floored. Then when the other Tom Cruise made it back to his wife after the first one killed himself along with Morgan Freeman to take out the aliens I was touched.

It was no Blade Runner but I still had fun with it. Maybe I have an easier time ignoring Tom Cruise being Tom Cruise than most other people.


Now what the hell am I going to play tonight?

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