Monday, August 26, 2013

Excuse my attention span

In my head Dragon's Crown ended last night.

It didn't really end, of course. Finishing the normal difficulty opened up Hard and there suddenly were nine more talismans to obtain and another dragon to slay. All of these took place in the same levels as before, in the same environments as before, against the same bosses as before. They all still look amazing and my elf would only get more powerful but I could not do it. I tried a level or two and had to shut it off as I was not longer interested in playing.

The parts of my brain that would play NES and SNES games over and over until I knew every little thing about them knows that I am cheating myself out of a lot of fun by placing arbitrary limits on how much I will play a game. When I was a child I would play Super Mario Bros to death. As an adolescent I play Super Mario All Stars to death. When in college and I had no money I played the few games I had to death. That god for Symphony of the Night, Final Fantasy 7 and Goldeneye. Those games ate weeks of time and cause more than a few people to fail classes.

Now once I see the magic words 'the end' I am done. I think living and dying by the rental queue has broken me. Right now there are six games that are out that are on the list. Two of them are sitting next to my television right fucking now. On top of that the new Amnesia comes out in a few weeks and on top of that there is new hardware on the horizon making it more and more difficult to put up with the current one. I don't have time to savor what I playing, no matter how good it is, because there is something new that needs to be played.

My problem, not the games. Dragon's Crown is very good. I am not going to comment on how any of the characters look because, A. more eloquent men than I have already done so, B. my elf was fully dressed and C. no one complains about the Venus de Milo being  topless, so why is this such a big deal?

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