Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get your funny out of my horror

Lowering the difficulty did the trick. Well, that and one of my engineers finally learned the laser turret skill. Every encounter starts the same way: my sniper kills the shield guardian if there is one and my engineer drops a laser turret in the middle of the field and then runs away with his tail between his legs. I sit right behind the turret, levitating outsiders out of cover and picking off stragglers. It is defeating the entire tactical side of this tactical shooter but it is the only way I have found to make it enjoyable.

There was a time when lowering the difficulty below 'medium' would have been out of the question. Prototype broke me of that prejudice as the game went from causing baldness to being a damn good time and all it cost me were a few achievements. The Bureau made it a bit more difficult as there are four settings and they have odd names. I think I moved from number three of four down to number two but for all I know I am now playing baby's first shooter. It doesn't matter; the game is playable (for me) and it wasn't before.

For a game with a theme as heavy as the invasion and subjugation of the entire world the mood at XCOM base is rather light. Scientists joke about keeping the prisoner alive and well for his vivisection. Carter chases blob monsters through the base and is then yelled at for walking in on someone who was relieving himself. At the same time people are bleeding black goo from their eyes, turning into zombies, being killed by the tens of thousands and the populace is being kept completely in the dark. Comedy alien invasion has already been done, it was called Destroy All Humans and it was not all that bad (never played the second one, though). The Bureau should have stuck to the horror side of things. It would have been much more interesting than dudes in lab coats floating around in an anti-gravity field.


Remember this?

Alpha Jax allows you to win via 'walk over' if your opponent fails to make a move within seven days. I am going to make the worst possible move the day before that over and over. Two points every six days until the tiles run out.

It could take weeks.

I posted that on May 12th. 109 days later the game is still going on. He did eventually figure out that I was trolling him and started doing the same thing. Now both of us are making the smallest possible move every seven days. Winkko, whoever you are, you are still a tremendous douchebag, but you are also a patient douchbag. Now I hate you even more.

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