Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How The Last of Us should have ended

Yes. Yes. Ellie knows Joel lied, feigns acceptance, then tortures him to death in the night because that is exactly what he taught her to do.

...at least I think that's Ellie. 

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  1. In the concept stage (SPOILERS!) Tess was the game's villain, and pursued Joel and Ellie throughout the game. The idea was eventually scrapped because ND felt it wasn't really serving the Ellie/Joel relationship dynamic in the way they wanted, and Tess was allowed to go out trying to redeem herself instead - but it does explain why she's established as such a phenomenal badass back in the quarantine zone - they were setting her up to be a fearsome foe.

    That's Tess (the image is in the Tess section of the TLoU art book).