Sunday, August 4, 2013

Longer pants, please

The twist in Zeno Clash 2 never actually made it to fruition. At the mid-point Ghat is literally standing on the shores of another world. He and Rimat have every intention of moving on but the golem prevents them. He swears that if they go any further he will kill himself which will in turn kill Ghat, Rimat and everyone they know. Ghat relents and my hope was that they would find there way back there. I wanted to see the savage let loose in the civilized land that decided to imprison him. The game never makes it back to that point. By time it was done both of the guardian golems were dead, leaving the borders unprotected. This means they are going to go back, right?

Nope, the game ends without even setting back loose in the 'open' world. Zeno Clash 2, much like the first, is too short. Not in length, mind you, but in content. I wanted an epilogue. I wanted to see Ghat wander through a city so technologically advanced that it might as well be magic and have him punch someone in the face for crossing his path because it is the only way he knows how to solve anything. Instead I get credits and an unfulfilled feeling that can only be remedied by Zeno Clash 3.

So well done, I suppose. One of these days Ace Team has to bring some resolution. My desire for an ending can only be milked for cash for so long.


I cannot remember the last time I was embarrassed by something that I was playing. It happened briefly while practicing combos in Mortal Kombat with Kitana because have have seen what she was wearing and it is happening again with Time & Eternity. The game is cheesecake through and through and makes me feel more than a little skeevy while playing. Without going into a very deep conversation that I am ill equipped to have about the role of women in games I can still say that the way Toki is dressed and the pictures you can unlock of her make me more than a little uncomfortable.

There will be a more in depth conversation about how the game works as an RPG in the future and how it resembles Dragon's Lair more than anything else. Here's the worst of it: after a good two hours of shaking my head something clicked and I started to enjoy myself. It is a streamlined, linear RPG with very unconventional combat and it is a pity that its presentation is such that I will deny up and down that I have ever played the game.

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