Monday, August 5, 2013

Slightly less embarrassed

The part of my brain the derives pleasure from watching number go up have won out over the self conscious, more easily embarrassed part that is squeamish about mini skirts. Time and Eternity is an RPG, after all: you gain levels, you choose new abilities, you equip better items, you complete side quests to gain experience to gain levels and choose new abilities, etc. It's all very streamlined, though, as if the game is trying to speed me past the parts I enjoy and back to the navel gazing, which I do not.

For example, side quests are almost completely text and location base. The world map displays which areas have new side quests available. Going into the area being up another map with an icon to click on that actually starts the quest. No wandering around the city trying to remember who you talked to eight hours ago, just an icon. Sometimes the quests leads to another icon, other times there is actually something to fetch from a different area. It always moves quickly but not having to walk from location to location means that the player never gets a sense of location. This isn't a town, it is a series of button that take me from place to place.

I cannot explain it better without comparing it to other role playing games. Time and Eternity is a game while Ni No Kuni was an adventure. Ni No Kuni went through great pains to make every location different and alive while Time and Eternity the locations themselves are just vehicles for the characters to crack thinly veiled jokes about bathing together. It's definitely different, and not necessarily bad, but I do not think it will have the same staying power. RPGs tend to stick with me for a long time. I still think about Xenogears and played that years ago. Time and Eternity will be quickly forgotten, a distraction between other, better games.

Navel gazing is really the perfect description.

That better be all you are looking at, you pervert!

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