Thursday, August 1, 2013

So weird

The first Zeno Clash was a delightfully bizarre game that put Ace Team on my short list of developers whose games I will always play. Rock of Ages proved that my confidence was well placed. Zeno Clash 2 finally made it out on consoles last week and I must say that I am a tiny bit disappointed. It is still completely insane and the first person melee combat is still serviceable but I have even less of an idea what the hell is going on because I played the first game four years ago. It really needed a 'last time in Zenozoik' intro to bring everyone up to speed on the first game. Weird is fine, weird and disconnected is not.

It took a while, but I did finally remember who fathermother was, what his crimes were, and who the golem was. Ghat still punches people to solve all his problems which keeps the game moving forward. At least it does when it is clear where you are supposed to go. The first game was linear, a guided tour an impossible land filled with impossible creatures. This time around there is a hub area or two that link everything together with quick travel points to keep things from getting too tedious. I don't think that Zeno Clash needed the open world treatment. Ace Team tried for bigger and better. What they got was bigger and slower.

Um. He? She?

Plot wise I just found out that all of Zenozoik is a prison and its residents are being kept there until they manage to become civilized. Read that as not punching people in the face to solve every argument. It's a good twist, one that I hope is given time to develop. Ghat's reaction was we have come to expect: he beat up the guardian golem, then found out that killing the golem would equal his own death and the death of his whole family. So now he has to run errands to keep the golem alive.

Like I said, it's a good twist, and I want there to be some resolution. Not bad for a game about punching people in the face.

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