Thursday, August 15, 2013

Want to but can't

I want to talk about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons so bad. I played it through last night, in one sitting, and was an emotional wreck at the end. The game nearly brought me to tears and I can't talk about it yet because spoiling the game for someone who has not played it would be an absolute crime. I cannot stress this enough: spend the money, play the game. Once you start do not stop. Breaking the game into pieces will significantly diminish its emotional impact.

Do it. Do it. So I can gush about it in a week and not spoil it for anyone.




Ok, I can't not talk about it. Part of what made Brothers such a shock was that it followed up Time and Eternity, one of most shallow, saccharine games I have played in a long, long time. Unlike Brothers I have no problem spoiling its ending because no one will play the game other than me and Chance and he is too enamoured with Dragon's Crown to notice.

I never expected both Toki and Towa to make it all the way to the end. That special kind of smut is saved for a second play through. I was right and oddly enough I chose Toki over Towa but only because Towa told me to. She seemed surprised but helped me kill Mobius once and for all anyway. Like I said, Time and Eternity was a decent diversion. Something to play because there was nothing else going on. I will not recommend it to anyone outside of the body pillow waifu crowd and they will complain about the lack of depth and how the shower scene never really pays off.

Not that I know anyone in the body pillow waifu crowd...


  1. I can't afforrrrd it... >.< damnit.

  2. Also, I'm super-happy to see Dragon's Crown in the top-right.