Friday, September 6, 2013

Can't talk about it yet

Didn't play anything last night other than the new, free World Series of Poker XBLA game. It was not good so I uninstalled it after less than one game. Most of the evening was spent in a meeting that I really shouldn't talk about because I have signed an NDA...

...but I will say that it was with a few writers, an artist and a programmer, all of whom have big ideas, none of whom actually play video games.That's right: the uber-geeks need a normal geek (that's me) to help them understand what is fun and what isn't. I spent a good chunk of time explaining why people enjoy Call of Duty and why leveling up in an RPG is like a drug, and I had to do it without using other games as references.

Do you know how hard it is to have someone bring up dialogue trees and not be able to say 'Bioware did it and did it well, use that as an example'? I feel like I need to give these guys homework. It is difficult to have a meaningful conversation with someone about cover based shooting when they haven't played Gears of War.

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