Monday, September 30, 2013

Different strokes

Non game related Blogger complaint incoming.

That list of this years games on the right side? I does not use the 'list' plugin. It is just a textbox. For some reason as of this morning I could no longer edit said text box. The same was true for the Coming Soon section. Changing the coming soon section was easy because it was small but turning the games section into that will take a long, long time. I could wait and see if it fixes itself but this blog was originally born out of my love of making and maintaining lists. Killer is Dead not having a clickable link is killing me.


It is difficult to come up with intelligent, interesting things to say about Killer is Dead because it goes through great pains to make no sense. There is very little connection between the episodes, a bad guy that escaped near the beginning of the game turns out to be Mondo's brother, they fight again, things get very Japanese, and the game ends. Please note that getting very Japanese is not meant as an insult, I just don't know how else to describe this (at 22:00):

That is some DragonBall Z shit, right there.

Killer is Dead did not make the jump between cultures very well. Famitsu loved it, awarding it 35 out of 40 points. Metacritic, for as much as it can be trusted, has the game at 66 out of 100. I am leaning more towards the Metacritic side as the action part of the game, what you are actually doing from moment to moment, never graduated from mash X with the occasional B thrown in to dodge. Trippy visuals and rampant non sequiturs do not a game make, at least not on their own.

Ok, it kind of worked in El Shaddai, but how often does that happen.


Paid off my PS4 today. Feels good. Is it November yet?

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  1. Yeah I just tried to update my sidebar for the Games of October post, and it wouldn't let me save the change. Had to copy-paste the whole thing into a new sidebar widget, save that, and delete the old one.

    Silly thing.