Sunday, September 8, 2013

DLC for a game I don't own..

I did a bad thing.

The standard way to empty out a new area, especially in an RPG with no random encounters, is to walk from one end to the other and kill everything. Then, depending on how much experience you have netted, walked back and do it again. I would sooner grind just a bit in every new area than run into a boss that I cannot beat. In most games this fits right into the difficulty/items curve and I can but all the new shiny things just as they become available.

Tales of Xillia, as I have noted, does not automatically make new items available in the stores. Stores level up via donated items. Here's the rub: the stores level up faster than you do. There is never enough money to buy the newest items and if you were to grind enough money to buy them you would have also leveled the shops up enough to unlock the next ones.

But there is a solution! For one $4.50 (in real world dollars) you can purchase 300,000 in in-game funds! I have never stooped so low before and had to justify it by pretending Jude's rich uncle died and willed him the money. To make matters worse I blew through half of it in out night.

At least the store limits you to doing this twice, otherwise I would end up broke in both the game and the bank account.

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