Tuesday, September 3, 2013

It can't be

There are two reasons why I should not have any positive feelings about the preceding video. One, I actually have a degree (that I don't use) in music education and was a reasonable conductor. The arm flailing shown is nothing like actually directing an orchestra. Two, motion controls are dumb.

But god damnit I want to play that. I love Fantasia and the chance to be a part of it, however silly, I will not miss.

...if Firebird Suite and Night on Bald Mountain are not included they can fuck right off.

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  1. My dad, who couldn't give a flying eff about games, actually brought up Fantasia out of the blue in an email the other day. He plays cello in a amateur orchestra, conducts rehearsals, and is seriously excited about it.

    That may have less to do with attention to detail and living a childhood dream. Dude saw it in theaters during the original run.