Monday, September 23, 2013

Jules would be proud

I stopped doing Demo Fridays because it had gotten repetitive. There just isn't much I can say about a game after five to ten minutes of exposure. In the beginning that was the point but it practice it wasn't much fun to write and I doubt it was very interesting to read. This does not mean that I have stopped playing every XBLA demo; that has become a new tradition that I plan to continue through the next batch of hardware. Knee jerk purchases have been few and far between. Actually, there has been one: Brothers. Last week almost got me. Not because the game was good. No, it was not, but it was so gleeful in its wholesale theft from other titles that I may need to see the entire thing.

Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death, mother fuckers.

Who is Marlow Briggs? Doesn't matter. He's tough, he defends his woman and he comes back from the dead when stabbed through the chest with an ancient 'insert your scary religion here' scythe. That is his entire introduction. What follows is simplified God of War combat interrupted by the most ridiculous cut scenes I have ever seen. The game knows that it is silly. It revels in it. This is The Expendables the game if they spent all of the money used to get the big stars out of the retirement home on bad special effects. And they are bad.

Parody games have been tried before with marginal success. Matt Hazard comes to mind, but that tried to be funny and funny is hard to do well in a game. Marlow Briggs skips funny and goes right for asinine. On purpose. More in line with Far Cry Blood Dragon than anything else but much less forced.

Damnit, now I want to play the whole game. Curse Diablo 3 for taking up all of my time.

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