Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My frame rate is scary, at least

My issues with A Machine for Pigs are two fold. At least half of the problem is that my computer is ass. I conveniently forgot about not being able to play Serious Sam 3 and went out and bought another game that I was excited about. Playing a game on anything other than max settings bothers me to no end, hence my continued retreat to consoles. It took me a half hour of screwing around to get it to run at all and the game doesn't look anywhere near as good as it should. This bitter taste will be my last foray into the wilds of PC gaming until a significant amount of money falls out of the sky and I can build the machine that the games deserve.

This bitching must sound pretty hollow from a guy who spent way too much on a motorcycle this year and will still (hopefully) manage to bring home both the PS4 and an XBone. The irony is not lost on me but I am still mad that a game that I was quite excited about looks like a slide show in any rooms larger than an enclosed hallway.


If A Machine for Pigs ran flawlessly all would still not be forgiven. The first Amnesia was a slow burn but things at least happened to keep me interested and tense. Two hours into this one and I have figured out the twist and have yet to run across a single scare. The first time one of the monsters actually gave chase and I hid in the corner of a room hoping it would go away was an excellent knots in your stomach, heart in your throat oh fuck moment. That has yet to happen in this game and judging from other player's comments it never will.

Frictional did not make this game, The Chinese Room did, and it is obvious who the better developers are. If it is any consolation, Frictional handed it off because they are busy working on something else. Something bigger and, perhaps, deeper.

Ia! Ia! Cthulu Frictional.

I guess this means that I really will have to play Outlast on the PS4 for my scare fix.

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