Monday, September 9, 2013

Out of time

Tales of Xillia has run out of time. I still am enjoying it in spite of, or perhaps because of, my dalliances with buying in game money with real world funds. Its only failing is being a rather long game that will be getting in the way of on of the rare games that I actually look forward to enough to pre-purchase. The new Amnesia game hits tomorrow. Reviews appear a bit scattershot but that should not come as a surprise for a dedicated horror game. I will pre-load it tonight and play it tomorrow and it will cause me to lose sleep. I cannot wait.


Back to Tales for a bit. It was obvious at the characters introduction that Alvin would end up betraying the rest of the party. Everyone knows he is dirty and he has flat out lied to everyone on multiple occasions. Even other bad guy say that it is foolish to trust him. Yet every time he shows up the party takes him back. Yes, there is a little debate on if it is safe and it always boils down to him being good in a fight.

I cannot decide if this is silly or very self aware. The betrayal twist is pretty common in games but once the worm turns that is usually it. Xillia has a character who people actively distrust, who tell them he is a big fat liar, yet they keep him around because he hits monsters hard. At the very least it keeps a standard character trope from getting too boring.

At twenty hours in (and a quick visit to GameFaqs) I am at the midpoint. It is time to start sleeping less - the queue is once again pleasantly full. The world will stop for A Machine for Pigs but Diablo III can wait. I just hope I can get caught up again by November.

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