Friday, September 20, 2013

The worst toilet in Tristram

I have, almost, been avoiding looking at my blog for the last few days. Diablo 3 looks to dominate my play time for the foreseeable future and I am having a difficult time coming up with interesting things to say about it that are shallow and bitchy. Every time it hits me with a wow moment, for example how it makes the levels seem larger than they are by showing areas in the background that you can't actually get to, it does something else that annoys me. I chose to play the monk in a conscious effort to go against my own gaming type. I usually play ranged attack based characters but knowing (or reading, so it may be wrong) that you can only shoot in the direction you are walking thanks to the move from mouse/keyboard to controller made this sound like much less fun than usual.

So Monk it was. I was thinking hand to hand combat, robes, etc. You know, monks. Caine from Kung Fu.

The monk in Diablo 3 is not that kind of monk. He will kick your ass with the most powerful weapon at hand, even if that weapon is a very non-monk one like giant two handed sword. The weapon itself is irrelevant as you never really attack with it. Skills use their number as a base for their damage so there is no reason to use anything but the biggest number until you run into weapon specific skills (which I have not seen yet). It lends to the by the numbers feeling of the character. Of the game.

Yet I play on, desperate for that next drop. I bet this is how heroin addiction feels

Edit: fixed the typo in the title. Now it is a fitting Trainspotting reference.

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